Poverty 101 Workshop

Poverty 101

What does it mean to leave no child behind? What does it mean to be from poverty and go to school in America? Through sharing her journey out of generational poverty, findings from her doctoral research on generational poverty, successful completion of a Bachelor's degree, and fifteen years of working in schools struggling with educating students from poverty, Donna Beegle frames the discussion of how to successfully engage students and families from generational poverty in the education process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the impact and meaning of education for students from generational poverty
  • Understand how poverty in the U.S. is internalized as a personal deficiency
  • Understand how to develop a welcoming climate and meaningful curriculum for students
    from poverty backgrounds
  • Explain the difference between immigrant poverty and poverty in the U.S.
  • Discuss the confounding of race and class issues in developing strategies for educating students from poverty
  • Explain the barriers perceived by people in poverty when dealing with educators
  • Understand how to implement changes in communication, teaching and learning styles to enhance education success for students from poverty
  • Discuss ways to motivate and provide meaningful incentives to students from poverty backgrounds
  • Understand how to connect in meaningful ways to redefine the meaning and value of education
  • Explain how to frame education goals from the perspective of students and families from poverty